Cryptar - your API to ensure data authenticity & validity

Establish global confidence in data authenticity faster and cost-effective with the Cryptar protocol. Protect JSON, PDF and “phygital” processes with leading blockchain security against manipulation using your trusted digital identity.

Digital evidence

Enabling a shared truth across infrastructures

Cryptar establishes cryptographic evidence on data validity, enabling data producers and processors to legally secure their interactions

Evidential data
Enable legally reliable data to serve as indisputable evidence on integrity and validity
Trusted processing
Scale digital collaboration and trust through automated self-verification of legal evidence
Control mechanisms

Take control over your data

Protect your organization from financial, operational, and reputational consequences of unnoticed data manipulation with Cryptar’s advanced control mechanisms

Stop data manipulation

Achieve compliant data immutability incomparably faster by deploying Cryptar instead of establishing a decentralized governance or smart contract as security infrastructure with your business partners

Proactively detect leaked certificates

Proactively detect when a leaked certificate is being abused by third parties to initiate counter measures proactively, rather than learning about your leak when damage has already been caused

Control data validity beyond your network

Revoke document and data validity GDPR compliant and visible to all recipients, protecting outdated information from abuse and compromised data from being processed
Simplifying blockchain

Cost effective fine-tuning of security & speed through custom deployments

Cryptar is based on a serverless microservice architecture that can be deployed flexibly to configure cost, security, and performance to suit individual requirements for trusted data.

Deploy Cryptar on premise, in cloud or hybrid
Integrate central and local services as required
Choose anchoring locations for immutability needs
Time to value

Pragmatic approach for quick ROI

Legally reliable data can be established incomparably faster and at a fraction of the costs by focusing on decentralized evidence, rather than decentralized operations

Simple integration

Integrate Cryptar via API into existing processes and leverage your preferred digital identity (e.g., eIDAS) that is trusted among your collaboration partners or include a trust service provider (TSP) in the process

Cost effective

Lowest blockchain entry costs configurable according to use case requirements, saving infrastructure, governance, and maintenance costs by leveraging a second-layer infrastructure for anchoring in public blockchain(s) – e.g., Bitcoin

Accepted by courts, backed by math

Once published at authorities and/or the Bitcoin blockchain, Cryptar verification anchors can be used as direct evidence in most jurisdictions (EU, US, Japan, Brazil, UK, Dubai). In other cases, courts accept them based on expert testimonials
Building trust

Minimize required advance of trust

Accelerate digital collaboration by empowering stakeholders to build trust in data on their terms, bypassing the time-consuming process of aligning a globally trusted infrastructure

Do not trust, verify

Transparently self-verify all Cryptar process outputs relevant to your data mathematically without ever sharing a single piece of data with us or some other party


Redact and share data while maintaining verifiability to collaborate on must-know-principles with multiple business partners and beyond

Stakeholder defined infrastructure(s)

Cryptar can leverage the infrastructures of multiple business partners, auditors, authorities and blockchain(s) by turning them into verification anchor locations as needed